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Sliding Windows


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"Rafa is an amazing company. I needed new gutters on my home and they came out and did an estimate right away and within 2 days my new gutters were installed, cleaned and looking great. Thank you Rafa Roofing & Construction for the fast, friendly service!"

Sheila Goddard

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Slider Windows

No two homes are alike. The same can be said for their windows. Our team at Rafa Roofing & Construction knows that all homes in require the best custom-built windows around.

Benefits of Slider Windows

Our custom windows come with many positives:

  • You will get more natural light to enter your property when you get a new slider window installed.

  • You can customize your windows in any way you see fit.

  • Your windows can also keep outside air from entering your home, thus reducing your utility bills.

  • Get better views of what’s around your property when you get custom windows ready for use.

  • Your curb appeal and property value will increase when you get new windows installed.

Slider Window Options

You have the option to work with custom windows in many forms:

  • Vinyl windows can be customized in style and color.

  • Wood and composite wood options provide a fancy natural style.

  • Metal and aluminum windows allow for a modern appearance.

  • Composite windows are light in weight and insulate your home with ease.

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