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"I was very happy with the work done. They were very professional and provided excellent customer service. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to repair or replace their gutters."

Jeff Peter



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Replacement Windows

We at Rafa Roofing & Construction want to help you with getting the replacement windows your home deserves. Talk with us for help if you need new replacement windows.

Benefits of Picture Windows

Our replacement window service will help you make the most out of your space:

  • You can get a wide and unobstructed view of what’s outside your house when you install a picture window.

  • You will get more natural light in your space thanks to the extensive layout of your window.

  • Today’s picture windows are very energy-efficient and will work in every condition.

  • Our team of installers and designers will help you produce a new window that looks its best.

How We Replace Windows

We use a particular process for getting every replacement window that we work with handled the right way:

  1. The old window is removed and recycled.

  2. The window opening is reshaped as necessary to ensure a secure installation.

  3. Flashing is applied to prevent water from seeping out of the space.

  4. A construction sealant is added to support a tight seal.

  5. The window is measured to ensure that it is at the best possible level. The window may be removed and reinstalled if the surface is not aligned.

  6. The window is nailed into the frame with a sealant going over each nail.

  7. The window is tested to ensure it works.

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