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Gutter Gaurds


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"I was looking for a gutter installation company to help me out with my home project. I am so glad that I found Rafa Roofing & Construction. They were professional and paid attention to detail. Thank you for all your hard work!"

Matthew Bolton



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Gutter Gaurds

Are you sick of climbing a ladder and doing the dirty work of cleaning your gutters by hand? We’ve got the right answer for you! Rafa Roofing & Construction Gutter guards eliminate filthy gutters for good (and the need to clean them up). Plus, they’re easily installed by our experts, affordable and maintenance-free. Our gutter guards are currently the most effective and efficient instrument on the market for self-cleaning gutters.

Benefits of Gutters

There are many benefits to installing a gutter guard gutter protection system:

  • Stop cleaning your gutters – with our gutter guards, your gutters are covered!

  • No clogs and no worrying about serious damage from leaking water

  • Fast installation means a lower price for you and a quicker project for your home

  • Get a perfect fit with custom cut gutters

  • They look great, and you won’t even notice them from the street

  • All-metal construction means that your Gutter Cap just lasts and lasts

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