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Is Your Home at Risk? Signs of Severe Hail Damage on Your Home

Welcome to Rafa Roofing, a family-owned Roofing company located in Crete and Lincoln. We are here to do a complete restoration to your home and help you during your insurance process

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We Are Rafa Roofing

Rafa Roofing Has Been a Family Business Since the Start

We at Rafa Roofing provide the best possible products, at the best price, with the best service. Working with your insurance, making sure you get the smoothest, fastest process possible. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide the highest level of service here in Nebraska. We can take care of all of your restoration needs! We offer hail storm restoration services here in Crete, Lincoln, and surrounding communities. Meet the whole crew today!

Rafa Team

We Insure Top Quality Work

Check out this amazing transformation!

Using top-quality products from leading suppliers

Mastic Siding
James Hardie Siding
IKO Shingles

Our Process to a Restored Home

Roofing Services around the Nebraska Area


Step 1

Free Project Price

Get a free project price estimate, made to your specifications, and retrieve transparent cost information for your roofing needs

Fast Paced

Step 2

Select Materials & Color

Choose from a wide range of roofing materials and colors, ensuring your roof matches your style and preferences perfectly

Timely Manner

Step 3

Schedule Installation

Schedule your roofing installation at your convenience, with our team committed to timely, efficient and professional service delivery

Finished Results

Step 4

Install & Enjoy

Schedule your roofing installation at your convenience, with our team committed to timely, efficient and professional service delivery

Kash the Mascot!

Quality Roof Repair

Are you in need of a quality roof repair around the Crete and Lincoln area? We are here to help! Owning a property can be expensive especially if the roof on your home is not up to par. We are happy to help explain the process of repairing a roof, working with your insurance, and also explaining the financing option that we offer here at Rafa! We value your time here at Rafa Roofing and we insure you the best experience. 

GAF Shingles

We Work With Insurance

It is our mission to provide the best service and craftsmanship to your home. It can make all the difference having a safe, comfortable, and having a dry work place. With that, we are here to help by working with your insurance so you can have the dream renovation you wanted. We enjoy being able to make sure they are getting the most out of our investment when an issue with your house occurs. It is our pleasure to be working with you and we are here to help you throughout the whole process. Also answering any questions that may occur during the process of restoring your home!

Hugo(Billing Department Manager)

We Offer Financing

Here at Rafa Roofing & Construction, we offer financing for those tough times where you may not be able to pay dues in full. We want to help our community by offering this financing and making sure you understand the process. 

How Does it Work?
  • We Run a soft check on your credit 

  • Check and see if you get approved

  • If approved, then you get two months to make your first payment

  • No Penalties for paying it off early

  • Interest rate depends on your credit score 

  • Annually APR

  • 0 Down Payment

  • 12 months without interest

Rafa Insurance

Locally Owned

Locally owned, Rafa Roofing & Construction serves Crete, NE and the surrounding areas with quality and professional roofing services. What's the value of a locally owned company? 

First of all, you know us. Unlike a contractor from outside the area, you know who you're working with. Your friends and neighbors know what services we provide here! Secondly, since we live and work here we have a vested interest in maintaining a good relationship with our customers. We want the best for our customers!

One unhappy homeowner can mean the difference between our success or failure. Every job is equally important to us since it represents another potentially satisfied customer and the opportunity to grow. 

Rafa team at Lincoln Office Location


Tammy Interview Fairbury, Nebraska

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Sherry Interview, Crete, Nebraska

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